ASM or Action Sports Ministries was founded in 2002 by professional snowboarder Chris Runge. Chris had a desire to see other action sport athletes become involved in clubs and coaching opportunities that not only challenged them physically but also spiritually. Chris himself is a firm follower of Jesus Christ and has competed in many pro events including the Winter X Games on ESPN. When other activities competed for Chris' time, ASM was re-ignited by action sports enthusiast and long-time coach Gary Anderson. A talented, dedicated and diverse board was formed ...and ASM's future is, well ...sweet!

ASM has been founded around (and out of) a desire to see youth in our communities become involved in an exciting faith-based line-up of action sport activities, clubs, competitions, trips and mentoring opportunities. We all can see that today's you are faced with unprecedented pressures and temptations. We are commited to providing high energy, adrenaline-filled, God-honoring and safe alternatives. We are a recognized 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization. This provides us the opportunity to raise funds that will go directly towards equipment, scholarships and club formations. Donations to ASM virtually instantly benefit an under-privileged or at-risk youth in their desire to become involved in the huge genre of action sports!

Through action sports such as, but not limited to, wakeboarding, skateboarding and snowboarding, we are directly involved with youth, parents coaches, sponsors, program and curriculum development and fundraising to insure the level of excellence we strive for as followers of Jesus Christ commited to sharing His Gospel to this generation.

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